Having a whole load of Instagram followers doesn’t necessarily equate to a whole load of sales.

turn instagram followers to customers with this guide

At its core, Instagram is a mobile-based platform built to encourage the sharing of quality images and videos. Instagram has the attention of a global audience and you have the chance to be seen in front of all those people and convert them into Instagram followers. Instagram users continue to grow daily and is showing no signs of slowing down.

The power of social media can really help grow a business, and many companies have built a large following through innovative marketing campaigns and excellent customer experience. However, it is a challenge for businesses to build a brand presence on social media. So the first step in order to use Instagram to help grow your business is to first build a sizeable following.

Increasing your Instagram followers

How do you get more followers on Instagram?

While there are no quick shortcuts to get more followers, there are strategies that you can implement in order to connect with people who are highly engaged and emotionally invested in your content.



  • Instagram Live


First up, you can go live on Instagram to promote your personal brand or business.

If you constantly share on Instagram stories, people love connecting and engaging with their favourite brands. But if you want to take that engagement up one step further, it’s time to try Instagram live. It gives you a chance to show off the real authentic side of your business and the amazing people who make it happen behind the scenes.

So go live and showcase your personality or your business. You or your company just might show up in the discover feature.


  • Add Hashtags and Geotags to your stories


just do it, turn your instagram followers into customers

One of the best things about Instagram is how easy it makes it to connect with people in your neighbourhood, your city, or even around the world. One great way to do that is by adding hashtags and geotags which gives you the chance to put your content in front of a new relevant audience.

In order to get more Instagram followers, you need to first understand what kind of content they like. Instagram makes this really easy, by allowing you to follow hashtags just like you would follow an account.

Growing your Instagram account is all about progress, not perfection. It takes time to grow an authentic community on Instagram but taking the time to strategize and share with intention now will get you closer to reaching your business goals.


Monetizing Instagram

Once you have a sizeable Instagram following for your personal brand or business, you can start taking steps to monetize it. Your job when using Instagram as a marketing tool, is to create a collection of visual content that represents your brand, attracts the right people who could potentially buy from you, and encourage them to become customers or clients.

So how do you turn your Instagram followers into customers so that they buy your

products or services? Here are a few ways you can get more conversions.



  • Lead Magnet



Firstly, you need to make sure that your ideal client is a good fit and this is basically going to be done through the whole process of generating a lead magnet. If someone signs up for your lead magnet, then they are probably interested in what you have to offer.

You can find ideal clients from the hashtags that they are using or from the comment section on influencers who are in the same space and have the same target audience as you. Just scroll through all the comments looking for people who are adding comments that are meaningful or asking keen questions.

By giving people free content that they can use, you can drive traffic to your website. Once they land there, they can spend weeks reading your blogs or videos or other content that you may have posted. And this lead magnet is what gets them there to your website.

Take note that your lead magnet has to be related to the product or service that you’re offering because if it is unrelated, you won’t be collecting warm leads, which would make it pointless. The contacts you are collecting needs to be somewhat interested in your product and service in order for them to hopefully purchase it from you someday.



  • Email List


When you’re building your business and your following on Instagram, you need to have an email list. The truth is, anything can happen to your followers and the platform itself. Your list, however, is 100% yours, where you have real contacts who you can reach out to directly. There’s no algorithm, and there’s no fuss.

Instagram is a strong tool with many options to help you build your list. Either you are trying to get your social audience to buy something or you want to nurture relationships and grow an authentic community through an email list, which gives you the opportunity to reach out and connect with your warm leads when it’s appropriate.

Let’s walk through a scenario to show you how you can turn your followers into customers. Let’s say that you have a boutique which sells clothing and your goal is to get more people into the door at your store. Through Instagram, you can use the link in your bio to drive traffic to your website and when the audiences land there, you can offer them a percentage off their next purchase by signing up for your email list. So in exchange for the email, you are either giving a special offer or free item so that the next time they come in, they can redeem that. This may also encourage them to stay in your shop and buy a few more things which helps increase sales.

You can even take it one step further like use Instagram Stories, where you can showcase to your customers when they come in and use the discount. This is really going to encourage other people to sign up for your email and get the same perk.



  • Have an offer to make:



When you sell to customers, it is basically down to the value that you can bring to them.. Whatever you have to offer should help make your customers’ lives better and solve a pain point that they have.

So what is your value proposition? It could be online coaching, consulting, social media management, or freelance work. It could basically be anything but typically something that your ideal plan or ideal follower wants and needs. Typically, something that provides them with solutions to their problems.

Give them some sort of value that they are going to like that attracts them to you. A way to do that is to post valuable content on social media every single day, something that educates, entertains, inspires or motivates in order to build up that relationship. Ultimately when it comes to sales, it’s all about human connection.



Instagram certainly has the power that could grow a business in the most cost-effective way possible. However, it is not just about getting likes and followers, it is ultimately about being able to sell your product or service through the content and engagement you post through Instagram with your followers.

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