Looking for some affordable online storage solutions for your business?

Much like online collaboration tools, cloud management software can help make your business more efficient by giving you and your employees the ability to access files remotely and easily share files among team members. Dropbox is one of the most popular software available for this purpose, but it might be time to consider using some Dropbox Alternatives for your business instead.

Dropbox is great for general use, but at this point, we have seen the rise of many other competitors in the world of cloud management software which present their own merits which are very much worth the consideration of businesses.

Things got even cloudier after a monumental hiccup that led to the leaking of up to 68 million user passwords of Dropbox.

Here are some Dropbox alternatives that your business could benefit from switching over to.



1. Google Drive

Google Drive is a good option that most businesses can't go wrong with.


First, the elephant in the room.

As you might have experienced, Dropbox offers a slightly restricting limit of 2GB space for a free account unless you hustle hard with referring your friends. Literally all the Dropbox alternatives we recommend here offer more free space.

Google Drive offers up to 15GB of space with a free account, way more than the 2GB offered by Dropbox.  This would be a great choice for Windows users looking to step up their business productivity levels.

Google Drive has been always one step ahead of Dropbox. Features like collaborating with other people at the same time on various documents. Plus, you can even add comments onto different parts of the documents for feedback/notes.

They’re also amazing with integrations, being able to seamlessly integrate with almost any application you can think of.

While it’s great for file sharing and collaboration, some downsides are that it lacks secure file sharing. Dropbox offers this with its paid option but Google Drive lacks this totally. Options like pCloud and Sync.com are great for secure file sharing without paying a bomb.

Another con is that it can get slow when it comes to file transfer speed.

Overall, it’s a great choice if you’re a Windows user looking for free space and collaboration tools.



2. pCloud

pCloud stands out among cloud management software alternatives thanks to it's advanced security features.

pCloud has an amazing feature called pCloud Crypto which is also affordably priced. All files placed in the pCloud Crypto folder gets encrypted on your device. This means not even pCloud can know what’s in it.

pCloud challenged hackers from around the world to try and hack it for $100,000 and nobody could do it. (2860 hackers participated worldwide)

pCloud offers up to 20GB storage space for its free users. pCloud also gains a legup over Dropbox by not using your computer’s storage on default. So you can access it from any other computer without having it take physical space in your hardware. It’s basically a virtual hard drive.

You can also keep track of the traffic by controlling the number of times a specific file can be downloaded.

One exceptional highlight is the uploading speed. If you have a large file (over 1GB), it can easily be uploaded within minutes while other providers take far longer.

A particularly great choice for small businesses who’re looking for a Dropbox alternative that offers top-level security and low physical storage requirements for files.



3. Sync.com

Sync is another good secure cloud management software alternative with a good variety of sharing features.


Sync.com also comes with a zero-knowledge feature – a secure encryption ensures that neither Sync.com nor anyone else will know what you are storing.

Sync actually has more file sharing options than other sites offering similar security features like pCloud. Other than allowing specific file access to other users, it also takes things a step further with its remote wipe content feature. This lets you wipe out content others have downloaded. You can also set expiry dates on links, limit download counts, and receive link activity notifications.

It doubles up with its option to be able to remotely logout of sessions from your web browser.

However, it does fall a little short when it comes to live collaborations and third party app integrations.

This is a really good choice for those prioritizing security for long term work folder storage.



4. Onedrive

A unique thing about Onedrive is it’s selective-sync feature which stands out from other Dropbox Alternatives. The feature allows you to choose which files you want and don’t want stored on your physical storage.

Thanks to it’s better data infrastructure, syncing with Onedrive is particularly smoother & quicker than other significant players like Mega. Although this mainly applies to Microsoft documents. This is because Onedrive utilizes Block-Level File Copying, which means when a you edit a file, only the changed part is transmitted.

Being an option which offers more than 5GB, ($6.99 a month for 1 TB) it’s worth a change if you’re a Microsoft power user considering its effortless integrations with Microsoft apps. If security is a major concern, you can always pair it with a 3rd party encryption service such as Boxcryptor.



5. Mediafire

Not the first option on the list of Dropbox Alternatives that jumps to mind for businesses, but it's still viable with a very attractive price point.


This is definitely a peculiar pick out of all the Dropbox alternatives available. Lacking in any sort of assertion about its security and being unable to sync with your desktop.

However there are a number of highlights that’s unique to Mediafire.

It has a strong mobile support for images, a large amount of free storage and very low pricing. ($3.75 for 1TB). For file sharing, you can use free one-time links and your recipient won’t be able to share the link with anyone else. It’s perfect for sensitive personal or work documents.

Similar to pCloud, MediaFire also supports the remote upload feature for paid users.

You will also not hit any bandwidth limits no matter how popular your links are. That’s an issue other cloud storages treat very carefully. (Microsoft especially)

Case in point, not exactly an optimal solution for sensitive files or collaborations. But it’s a great choice if you’re looking to off load large amounts of data to save space.




Given the number of options available to you when it comes to cloud storage & management. Having an understanding of what is important to you and your business is paramount to make the right decision when it comes to choosing from all of the Dropbox alternatives available.

Consider what features your business needs most, and balance that against the potential costs of each of the options presented on this list. It can be difficult for

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